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Ever since I was young, I have had a lot of beautiful shapes but it was difficult for me to find clothes to fit my silhouette. I realised quite quickly that if I wanted to look good, feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time, I had to make my own clothes. At age 15 I remember starting to redesign my dresses to adapt them to my own body shape. 

Later in life whilst traveling in different countries I discovered fabrics, textiles, silk, lace and made to measure sewing which was a revelation. From then on, wherever I was traveling, my suitcase was filled with elegant, silky fabrics and unique dresses that fell perfectly on my body which felt like I was wearing a second skin. People often stopped me to question where my clothes came from and my creations began to end up in the wardrobes of friends. 

So, I decided to leave my professional comfort zone of the financial industry that I had been practising for 30 years and take the necessary steps to become a stylist which has been my vocation for all these years

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